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chicago wedding dj billy d

Dj Billy D.

Yes! That’s a CD in Billy’s hand! Billy is now 40 years young, but still pumps up the volume every weekend with events. Starting his DJ career in 1994 Billy had the pleasure of DJing at ZERO GRAVITY in Naperville, IL. From there he’s busted through most club doors through his 20s and into his 30s has made many clients happy while taking his skills to the next level mostly performing as a Chicago Wedding DJ.

When Billy’s not DJing he holds down the peace in Oak Park as a police officer. Don’t worry, he works as a resource officer during the school year, so he doesn’t see much action 🙁

Billy goes the extra mile for each client and isn’t hesitant to tell you from first-hand experience how to make your event all it can be.

DJ Rob Y.

I’ve been igniting dancefloors since 2003! While my day job is a high school math teacher my passion truly is Djing and feeding off the energy of a packed dance floor.

From our first meeting, I’m passionate about finding out what your crowd is like, what music you enjoy and what you want to hear (and don’t want to hear) at your wedding. Every wedding is different and I custom-tailor the music, vibe and atmosphere to your personality.

chicago wedding dj rob y
chicago dj kris b

Dj Kris B.

I’ve always had a huge passion for music, so when I had an opportunity to get into DJing 18 years ago I jumped on that chance! I started at a teen dance club at only 15 years old and learned from a very experienced DJ. I continued DJ-ing at many high end clubs throughout southern Missouri, St. Louis and the Chicagoland area but found my niche with weddings and private events having more of an open format. My main objective of any type of event is always to make sure the crowd enjoys what I do and keep them on that dance floor “shakin’ what their momma gave them!

Dj Ryan M. - Event Planner - Owner

From age 12 I’ve been known as “that Dj” for local tween house parties and dances. This eventually led to Djing kiddie-clubs, college dorms, 21-an-up bars/clubs and now private events and weddings. I DJ’d my first wedding at age 17! (Yes, I had to run to Coconuts to buy a CD the week before!) From throwing events, hosting events to performing at events – you can rest assured that you have someone fully-capable of creating a party atmosphere and making sure the night runs smoothly.

In addition to the know-how, I carry the best gear, backup gear and other top-of-the-line equipment. 

I’m available to book in Chicago from June/July only.

chicago wedding dj ryan meeks
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