Band Vs. DJ: Why a DJ is Typically the Better Choice

One of the best parts of any wedding is the reception. Nothing says pure, blissful romance like a wedding, but make no mistake, weddings are formal events. When the reception rolls around, it’s finally time to channel all of that pent up celebratory energy and let loose on the dancefloor. As the soon-to-be-newly-weds (AKA the wedding planners), this naturally begs the question: should you hire a wedding band or a DJ? Here’s why hiring a DJ is usually the better choice.

DJs are more budget-friendly

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, DJs are a more budget-friendly option. With less equipment and fewer people in need of compensation, hiring a DJ will usually save you over a thousand dollars. Most bands require a minimum of $3,000 for four hours of entertainment, but some can cost as much as $10,000 or more! That type of cost can quickly deplete your wedding budget and leave you with limited funds to cover the rest of your wedding. Budgeting appropriately and creating an automatic savings account in the months prior to your big day will help make sure you have enough resources for it. Hiring a DJ will free up your wedding budget from the get-go!

DJs have more flexibility

The energy that a good band can bring to a wedding is great, sure. But the entertainment of a band is limited to the songs that the band members know. While a band’s lengthy song list that features a few of your favorites might be enticing at first, you might reach a moment at your reception where the vibe shifts and guests prefer to hear songs that are easier to dance to. If you’ve hired a band, you’re mostly out of luck. But, if you’ve hired a DJ, you can play whatever your heart desires! DJs can also work with most spaces you provide since they don’t require as much room as a band needs.

DJs make your reception flow smoothly

Many DJs double as Emcees. That means they’re trained to choreograph a reception to make announcements and get guests on the dancefloor, taking the pressure off of you or anyone you might ask (who may have had one too many drinks) to do this for you. Since DJs aren’t required to play instruments into the late hours of the evening, they also won’t be in need of an intermission—meaning the music and fun don’t stop until the party does!

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