Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Phoenix

Planning a wedding is a large task. From finding the perfect dress to even the smallest details, there are many aspects that go into the process. A destination wedding requires even more planning and organizations. Here are the top five tips for planning a destination wedding in Phoenix, Arizona.

1 – Plan Ahead for Weather

When you think of Phoenix, it’s hard not to imagine a hot, dry desert all year long. However, the city does have varying seasons and temperatures depending on the time of year. Summertime is the hottest part of the year. Temperatures average around 100 degrees Fahrenheit during June, July, and August, which is why most couple opt not to get married during this timeframe.

By fall, the temperature starts to cool down to the 70s and 80s, making it the perfect time of year for a wedding (especially if you want an outdoor venue). Winters are generally mild with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. And luckily, there’s sunshine and clear skies all year long, so rain won’t be a problem whenever you chose to tie the knot. You’ll also want to keep the weather in mind when picking out your wedding dress!

2 – Visit First

One of the most important steps in the planning process is to visit Phoenix at least two or three times before the wedding. And on top of that, plan to be there at least five days during the week of the actual Big Day.

On the first trip, scope out venues and secure the location. You’ll need a space for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, as well as hotel accommodations for your guests and wedding party.

On the second trip, schedule appointments at all your different locations and vendors. You’ll want to have a tasting with the caterer, see sample bouquets from your florist, meet with the experienced DJ discuss music, and try out hair/make-up with your stylist. Rent a car or borrow a friend’s during each visit so you won’t have to rely on cabs or public transportation to get around.

3 – Read the Reviews

When planning a destination wedding, reviews are your best friend. It’s imperative that you read reviews of the businesses you chose to work with. You’re putting a lot of trust into them to make your big day special, so head to their website, Yelp, and Google to see what other people’s experiences have been.

Of course, you can’t always trust what one person on the internet said about a vendor, but if you see a pattern of complaints or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, bring it up with the vendor. If you find a vendor you like, they might have recommendations for other vendors in their market.

4 – Notify Your Guests

All of these tips are important, but this is a tip that your guests will appreciate, so they’ll have as much fun as you do. As soon as you settle on a date, let your guests know so they can plan and budget accordingly to make the trip. You’ll want to give them at least eight months to book flights and accommodations at the best price.

For those in the wedding party, you should inform them of your destination wedding before asking them to be in the ceremony. This way they’ll have plenty of time to decide if they can make (and afford) the trip.

Create a wedding website that will list all the important details in one place, such as group rates for hotel rooms, how to get to and from the airport, and a list of nearby attractions, bars, and restaurants so they can entertain themselves before the wedding festivities begin. Some destinations are walkable, while others might require guests to drive.

Another nice touch is to include a little welcome bag for when they arrive at the hotel, complete with essentials such as sunscreen, water, and anything else they might need in Phoenix.

5 – Hire Help

You’re going to have to relinquish some control to make a destination wedding happen. Delegating some of the important responsibilities to outside help will make the planning process go so much smoother.

Because you don’t live in Phoenix, is essential to work with a wedding coordinator who knows the area and vendors well. They will be your eyes, ears, and set of hands when you’re not around to physically get things done. A wedding coordinator can also be a huge help on the actual day of the wedding. They can handle any last-minute fires that pop-up (last minute hiccups will happen), create gift bags for guests, and show people around the wedding venue.

They also help as a point person for assisting with special requests from guests as well as ensuring everyone gets to the wedding on time. If you do choose to work with a planner from your own hometown, make sure they specialize in destination weddings. You want to work with someone who’s well-versed in planning weddings in another location. Make sure to budget for their transportation for all the planning visits and actual wedding.

No matter where you live, a destination wedding in Phoenix will be a breeze with the right help and the right planning tools. Phoenix is a beautiful place to get married. Contact Non-Stop Entertainment today for help choosing your Phoenix wedding DJ and other vendors!

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